Friday, 30 April 2010

Maya Road Chipboard pots and pans......

I finally managed to finish my banner for Bubbly took a very late night on very little sleep but that's what happens in my job when you work nights and have to cover for other peoples holidays.......I can't wait till I get some proper time off again. (if only to sleep!!)

I painted these little Maya Road cuties to make them look like the kind of cool kitchen utensils that are around at the moment.

Each little shape was mounted onto a topper (sorry too much "Create and Craft" & "QVC" in the wee hours) ....I mean a square of patterned card stock.

I used about 5 million metres of ribbon again, and my bobble trim collection.

It's very bright and cheerful, now all I need to do is paint the newly plastered plinth and pray my other half will let me fulfill my vision and hang it up for all to see:)

Love and cookies

Ruth xxx


Paper Paradise said...

Well worth the effort Ruth it's so 'cute' but a nice cute if you know what I mean. Really don't know how you work all night, and with the children, so credit to you! x

Unknown said...

This is so cute well done.

downrightcrafty said...

Hi Ruth
This is amazing and for it not to be displayed would be an outrage. Maybe in the middle of the night you could nick a hammer and put it up, then the deed is done and the hard work all paid up as such!
take care
Kate xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth

Love this Ruth and so you. It will go great in your kitchen, put it up and let DH see what it looks like!!

Love from the not so sunny side in Spain- in middle of thunderstorm at the mo. Take care


Effie said...

Love the banner! fab stuff!