I started scrapbooking about 5 years ago......looking back I think my whole life has been geared towards a hobby like this.

 I am a massive collector/hoarder of junk, I love taking photos and I adore materials, sewing, texture, colour and design. Art, Art History and Architecture.

However after becoming a working Mum my passion for all things arty faded and I found myself wondering how I could satisfy my creative side.
 I was seduced into a local craft shop by the very charasmatic owners and soon started card making classes.

Cards don't really rock my boat but I loved getting glue and glitter on my hands.....it was then I found out about scrap-booking and things just took off.

One day I was browsing the net trying various styles and I stumbled upon Ingvild Bolmes site...it was then that I instantly knew that the modern style of scrapping (which is what my magazines were full of at the time) just wasn't for me....shabby vintage is where my heart lays and I had found my artistic home!

xxx RUTH xxx