Tuesday, 22 January 2008

At last the waiting is over!!

Baby Benjamin James Philps was born at 10:30am on Friday the 18th. He arrived in to this world via a birthing pool which was quite an amazing experience.
We only stayed in hospital until 6pm and then went home. Since then he has done the usual eat sleep cry poo etc.

We requested a quiet weekend to help Georgia settle down with her brother and it seems to have worked lovely. Her first visitors were her cousins Chloe and Aimee and Aunty Helena and Uncle Steve. I think Chloe wanted to take him home there and then!!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

New Pages

Xmas 2006 and 2007, hopefully you can tell the difference by Georgias face.
I have decided to do more pages in A4 as sometimes the designs just work better this way. But I am not really very happy with the Happy Christmas page as it's a bit basic. But I have had the photos for over a year and they needed using up and this design was perfect for them. I really like the 2007 page as I have been playing with the photo for over a week and when I found these 'Flair' papers they seemed perfect.
The embellishments are a sticker a chipboard circle and an angel. I might do a similar page whilst I have got the leftover papers out.

Baby due on Saturday!!

Well actually the baby was due a week and a half ago, but we have been to the hospital today and are booked in for an induction on Saturday morning. It will probably take a good few hours to work so pray for me at about 3pm whilst you're shopping or watching football! No that does not include my DH who has threatened to stay home with Georgia until I actually go into labour. Mind you who wants an anxious man hanging around for 8 hours anyway!! Not me....

I know my suitcase is rather full but do you think I could squeeze a few scrapping supplies into it?

I have discovered http://www.pencillines.com website recently and wow it has boosted my output overnight. It also helps when you discover a set of papers in your stash that you had completely forgotten about and they happen to be Christmas Papers!

I used the template from last week and finished the page in about an hour!

Monday, 14 January 2008

Fun Fancy Dress Show

Steve, Helena and the girls came over for fish and chips on saturday night. The three girls disappeared upstairs and dressed up in Georgias numerous costumes. Well she does have a whole wardrobe full of them. Every hour they came down in a different outfit and had repainted their faces. The bathroom looked like a bloodbath with all of the toilet paper and face paints mess everywhere, but I didn't care they were having fun. Here are the results....

A Gappy Grin Layout

This photo took ages to take, I tried it in the window to get natural light but avoiding strange shadows in her mouth was hard. In the end I took the photo from a distance and cropped it hard.
Georgia's first tooth fell out about 2 weeks after seeing the dentist. I couldn't believe it when she said it was wobbly as she wasn't even 5 yet. Then she started pointing out all of the other wobbly ones. Thank goodness the others have held on for a few months.
I tried to teach her the song 'All I want for Xmas is my two front teeth' but thats all I could remember, and then on Boxing day her new tooth finally broke through!! She is so proud of it. However it's too small to photograph.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Ben's Shadow Box

This lovely shadow box was a bargain from Paperparadise (Grimsby).
It was £3.99 and I had recently purchased a kit from the same company for an altered Clip Board for Chloe's birthday so I knew it would be good quality. I snapped it up off the bargain table and Sue said she had only just put it out, so she will be pleased to know that I have made it all ready and waiting!!
If only the baby would just ........you know the rest!!

Helena's Paper Bag Book

Helena made me a gorgeous Paper Bag Book which is all ready just to put photos into, when the little b........er finally arrives!!

Due date has been and gone!

My due date was an anti-climax all day. Well that is until about 8pm when I started to feel regular pains. I told Mark at 9pm and we started to time them. Approximately every 6-8 minutes. However I kept on producing alot of wind which can confuse things!!
So I phoned the hosp and said can I come and see if its false labour or established and whilst I was running around packing bags and making Georgias lunch etc the pains subsided!! Isn't that typical.
Got to the hosp and they said the pain is caused by baby's head banging on my cervix as he is trying to get himself into position. She did an examination which can sometimes trigger labour. So I came home and had a hot bath and took some painkillers, as by then I really was hurting. Went to bed and NOTHING!! I just slept all night.
Which wasn't a bad thing as we didn't go to bed until after mid-night so Georgia is knackered, which is a good job for tonight (if she stays awake after school.)
Many thanks to Helena and Steve who looked after her at short notice and no doubt will have to do it all over again soon. Fingers crossed!!

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Xmas photos before I accidently delete them!!!

Steve's Birthday Page

I didn't have the right coloured card stock for the background so used some thin cardboard that had come with a pack of papers and it matches perfectly with the Basic Grey papers.
Georgia took the photos with my camera on Xmas Eve and although they aren't great they still tell a story. I quite like the quirky camera angle that being 5 years old gives you. (unless it exposes my double chin!)
The journelling inside is about me asking Mark what did he say to Steven when they were little and used to poke their tongues out at each other. He replied we didn't do that we just punched each other!! So I have used a saying that was in my family and Georgia says now:
"Same to you to"

Saturday, 5 January 2008

New Years Gremlins

I hate pc's. They just ain't my thing and because I am rubbish on them, they get more complicated each time. I am currently about to jump out of the window having just lost all of my Xmas photos and Georgia's school nativity.
I keep on telling Georgia that people are more important than material goods but try telling that to yourself when you have lost the last 6 months of photos. I did say to Mark that at least it has halved my scrapbooking load and reduced the number of projects that I didn't have time to do but still dreamed of the finished project in my head!!
At least I went to Tesco's the day after her birthday and backed up those photos on disk. If only I had done that this week.
I call for a return to old fashioned printing and negatives! Anyone want to sign my petition.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Waiting to be a Mum (feels like forever!)

I copied the concept for this page from someone else's in Scrapbook Inspirations and changed the flourishes to ribbons. Which Helena conveniently gave me for Xmas. Thanks H.

It was quick and easy, being black and white made it simple to match up items.I also enjoyed doing my journelling on the outside of my page, knowing that even if it was messy it would still go with the overall look of the page.