Saturday, 17 April 2010

Easter Eggs

If you pop over to Lets get Shabby you can see a little how to on making these polystyrene eggs.

I know it's a bit late for this easter but maybe for next year. Now is the best time to buy paper mache eggs as they should all be reduced in price in the stores!!

Don't forget you only have a few days left to get your Shabby Easter entry in to have a chance at winning the fabulous sponsor prize!!

Love and I never want to see a chocolate egg again!! (until next year)

Ruth xxx


LazyKay said...

Oh gosh, don't know where to start with the comments on the stuff you've posted since I was last here.

This is inspired, as always.

I've just got a couple of duck eggs to decorate but lacking the courage atm!


Didelis\Gele said...

Ruth is very beautiful happened!

Chele said...

They look great Ruth. Much more hip friendly then the chocie ones lol

Craft Fairy said...

They are fab. I'm off to se if I can get some.

Perhaps tomorrow. I've just remembered that the shops are shut.


Elly said...

These eggs are absolutely gorgeous!!! I wanna make them too!!! Well, next year maybe!
Have a lovely week!

Patty said...

I know, lets recelebrate Easter so I can make these eggs!