Tuesday, 22 February 2011

New Zealands darkest day.......

My thoughts and prayers are with my fellow Kiwis on this darkest day.


I pray and hope that the rescuers can get the trapped people out of the buildings before anymore aftershocks cause more damage and that those who have lost loved ones will one day find the light again.

Love and hope

Ruth xxx

Friday, 18 February 2011

Time Out

I am taking a bit of time out from crafting and as luck would have it I have had both kids in hospital in the last month. (good job I didn't have any deadlines as Lets get Shabby have gracefully let me take some time off).

Ben fell and hurt his knee so was kept in overnight whilst they looked for signs of sceptic arthritis. Georgia in the meantime has been off school with glandula fever and has developed a condition called irritable hip. That meant a 7 night stay on the childrens ward for mother and daughter. So between my two limping kids and the usual winter colds I have been busy playing nurse (maid)!!
Love and good health
Ruth xxx