Monday, 29 October 2007

Octobers Paper Paradise Competition Page

This is my entry for Octobers competition at Paper Paradise. I had to follow a template and have stuck to it quite rigidly as it works really well with all of the elements attached.
I always scrap with one large photo so using small ones is new to me and I have never had the subjects looking away from the camera, you almost feel as if you are spying on them, but I am sure the girls didn't even notice Helena had her camera pointed at them.
It was a bit scary using my own handwriting but I had been inspired by some embellishments in the previous Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine and I love doing a stitched effect with my Sakura Pens. It's certainly more reliable than my sewing machine!

Halloween ATC "Dancing in the Moonlight"

Sunday, 28 October 2007


What a night, I am no longer able to sleep due to chronic backpain and still have 11 weeks to go. This on top of doing 2 night shifts, so am severely sleep deprived already. God help me when the baby comes I will already be knackered.

I am pleased that I managed to get my Halloween ATC finished and handed in on time as its half term and Georgia is off but she was very patient with me for the morning whilst I was making them. Used my mod podge glue and was pleased with the results. I fancy doing a tag book of similar ones but it all takes time.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

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Saturday, 20 October 2007

At last I have managed to upload my first picture. I created this page as a tribute to my Mum who was a life saver this year when she flew out to England from NZ to look after us. The journelling is hidden in a tag and you have to pull the flower out at the bottom of the page to read it.

It reads-
Yet again during my second pregnancy I suffered
from Hyperemesis Gravitas (massive vomiting).
I was so ill that I spent 2 weeks in hospital on a drip.
My mum came over to look after us, and for that I
will always be truly grateful. She cooked, cleaned
and took Georgia to school. They read together,
played games and Georgia got to know her Granny.
It took quite a while for it to happen but Georgia
finally admitted that she loved her Granny xox

The rub ons at the bottom say 1-Poorly Mummy 2-Devoted Granny 3-Lonely Child.

How Love Grows

Getting Started

OK here goes. If I can master photobucket on my own then I am sure I can create a blog on my own. Only time will tell.