Sunday, 21 December 2008

The White House....

Today we went to see this house which is entirely covered in white decorations and is in-aid of a very sick little girl. I was totally in awe of their hard work and the stunning department store sized decorations. A seven foot Santa being pulled by 2 husky dogs and Santa is holding the reins and thats just for starters!!

This photo doesn't do her justice, in real life the detailing is incredible.

My personal favourite is this Art Deco type frosty figure.

Georgia put some money in the Charity tin and made a wish for the poorly children to have a happy christmas...I was trying not to cry behind her. The not so mean Snow Queen and her Mum couldn't resist a pose too!!

Love and sweet wishes

Ruth xxx

Friday, 19 December 2008

DDA Catch Up

I have filled my cut down ATC pages with photos from Georgias school play on one side and photos from The Carols by Candlelight service on the other.

Sunday 14th December is a photo of Helenas Box .
This is a spare Christmas card that I gave to most of my friends and family. I absolutely love these colours and I saw a gorgeous tree in these colours so now I am thinking of adding a bit of powder blue to ours next year!!! Very Laura Ashley don't you think? I taped the sides to create a pocket for holding maybe one or two of the kids little school cards.
Monday 15th georgia was off school with Christmas-itis and I bought her this Ginger bread Snowman. I love these colours so much she let me photograph it before she ate it!I had to use some Cosmo Cricket papers for the background as they rock too!! Little miss also kindly donated a snowman badge that she'd received from a classmate.

I found these vintage baubles yesterday and couldn't resist them. I just need a cool pot to display them in.

I have been hand-making presents for what feels like forever, these smellly candles are for the girls at work and I put their names onto a bauble instead of a tag.

The teachers received these Gingerbread stars today in cellophane bags to have with their morning tea!!

So I guess my next few pages will be documenting these photos and the fact that Ben took his first steps on his own yesterday!!

Love and Curling Ribbon

Ruth xxx

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Day 5 of my DDA Ben and Santa at Georgias school Christmas Fete.

Day 6 was spent at a birthday party and I forgot my memory card!! Why do they call them memory cards when I am more than likely to not remember?

Day 10: Georgias nativity play she was an angel and a leader of the small children from around the world. She took baby Jesus a Rugby ball from New Zealand!! Got some great little photos to put into my chopped up ATC holder.

Day 12: I cleaned the house in preparation for a weekend of visitors.

I made this box to hold some gift vouchers for Helenas' birthday present.

It didn't photograph very well late at night but you can see I used my new jewellery making skills at last to do the links for the beads and crystal on the bottom.

We had to cancel our weekend of visitors because Ben and I are full of a nasty head cold. So its love and hot chocolate from us. xxx

Thursday, 11 December 2008

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas....

DDA Tuesday 9th December
My parcel has been posted at last, I still missed the deadline for the last post but the postie reassures me it is only a guideline. Phew what a relief !!

My central lap folds back to reveal the contents of the box. (Don't read this you lot!!)

This page is then exposed with these sweet Victorian girls reading letters. Melissa Frances papers again and some gold rub-on alphabets from Tescos.

A certain TV advert keeps on playing this song "It's beginning to look alot like Christmas" every 5 minutes but Georgia and I don't mind because we just sing along. We think another week of it and Ben will be joining in too!!

Love and mince-pies Ruth xxx

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

More vintage hearts......

Two more hearts t0 g0 with the last pair. The top one is my sister Sarah wearing her finest Melissa Frances crown and the bottom one is me!!

1, 2, 3 everybody say ahhhhhh.....
I have backed these two with these cute nursery type Melissa Frances papers to vary them from the last two.

I am hoping that the recipient will hang them up each year she can't get home for Christmas so her family will still be there with her on Christmas Day!!

TFL xxx

Monday, 8 December 2008

December daily album page 2 and 4

I can't believe we are up to the seventh already and I have only done 2 pages. I am struggling with photos at the moment and five million other christmas and crafting committments!!

Day 2: I wrote a little poem about how it has snowed recently and how I get so excited at the thought of snow on Christmas morning.

Day 4: Is my cake straight out of the oven. I love these doilies that I found they are laser cut and very intricate, just perfect for a cake page!!

The little envelope has a small copy of my recipe and the journaling tells about my yearly quest for the perfect recipe and how this year I have added dark chocolate to my recipe in the hope my cake will be richer inside.

I am enjoying looking at everyone elses pages and making new friends on the way. This is such fun. Thankyou to the kind strangers (new aquaintances) who are leaving such lovely comments.

TFL xxx