Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Faking it?

Georgia loves to put on a sling and go outside and pretend to all of her friends that she has hurt her arm!
Then last Monday (during the school holidays) less than 24 hours after buying her own pair of Heelies (with mothers consent and fathers disapproval) she actually did break her arm...and sure enough when she went out to show her freinds they all thought she was FAKING IT!!

Today she returned to school and for the first day back and she had to dress like a character from a Circus, as thats the theme they are studying this term.
We had thought about juggling and hoola hoops but I found this outfit in Tescos and thought she could wear it again (probably with jeans and not those hideous leggings!!). After borrowing a beret' we were sorted....now all she had to do was keep a straight face and really start to act like she was faking it........note the climbing rope pose!!

So there you go Mum (and other grannies and nanas) thats the story behind the pink arm.
Love and breaking it for real this time!!
Georgia and Ruth xxx


Karen said...

Awe poor Georgia! I hope that she gets some sympathy eventually XXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth

Poor Georgia, hope she's OK now. She looks fantastic in her outfit,hope she has a good day wearing it. She MUST go on stage, she's a born actress!

Love from Granny & Grandad
In Sunny Spain

Traceyr said...

aaaah poor Georgia hope the cast doesn't have to stay on for long. :)

Sue said...

Ooh poor Georgia, did Mummy get told off by Daddy for allowing her to have the heels lol lol She looked gorgeous in her costume tell her and I'm sure you will spoil her rotten now! xx Sue