Saturday, 3 April 2010

Happy Easter everyone.....

My Mum sent me four of these miniature hessian shopping bags from the Trade Aid shop in NZ.
I think her intention was that the kids would sew and glue things onto them during the holidays, but me being a crafting control freak once I had an idea I had to run with it!
Anyway I needed them for today so last night I whipped three of these cute little Easter Egg Hunt bags up. The buttons were from The Works, cost £1 and I have a handfull left over. I already had the felt so they only cost me pennies to decorate!!

I have named each bag on the back with a permanent marker pen and a different coloured button for each child.
ps: The fourth bag I have nabbed for myself and am going to do something scrappy and vintage with one day........
Thursday afternoon saw us at parent teacher meetings so I left the kids to decorate a box of egg shaped cookies from Tescos whilst we popped over to the school. They had fun and it was £4.00 well spent ( my conscience felt guilty for buying them and not making them), as afterwards I was pleased I had bought them as Ben got so much pleasure out of it as well.

I think Georgia enjoys eating more than decorating...and Ben learnt how to steal the sweets from the other girls.....

Although I am in the easter mood I haven't really done any easter paper crafting this year. I am still waiting for someone to invent those ultimate easter papers!!
Ben has been making shredded wheat nests at playgroup and has turned out to be bit of a mini egg stealer as well as a sweet stealer. I wonder how many eggs he will pinch today when we have an Egg Hunt at a charity fundraiser I am going to?
....... and I was a good girl and went to the market early for some fish and made some delicious Fish Cakes for tea.

Happy Easter
Love Ruth xxx


downrightcrafty said...

Hi Ruth
Those cookies look ace, bet there are non left. Love the egg collection bags and think I would have pinched them too and wow you are one brave lady, photographing your cooking. Mine never looks that good to urge me to photograph I always hope the best bit is in the flavour.
Have a great Easter Weekend
Hugs Kate xx

Chele said...

Love the wee bags! And the photo's of the kids look like they are having great fun.
Happy Easter!

zandra said...

Happy Easter, Ruth! The cookies look so yummy! And your bags are so cute!
Hugz, Z

Traceyr said...

Ah Ruth what a lovely post. Hope you have a great Bank Holiday Monday with your family. :)

LazyKay said...

The bags and the baking look yummy.

LOL re Ben (a resourceful chap already I can tell).