Saturday, 30 May 2009

A Vintage Affair Challenge Layout

I set the first challenge at the beginning of May to use an image from a free site. This is the image I's quite neutral because I didn't find the challenge as easy as I thought I would!! I thought it would be easy to find a cute image and fit it into my layout!! Not!! Although everyone else who entered did really well.

The photo of Georgia was taken in a museum that had an Original Victorian photographers studio in it. There was no one around so Georgia put on a costume and I clicked away!! I wish we'd stayed longer and all got dressed up that would've been one for the family album!

Oh Yeah and do I get ten bonus points because for once in my life I actually used the ticket stub from the museum! I did make the man swap it for a nicer coloured one though....that's the scrapper in me I just can't help myself to the horrror of my husband who wonders what on earth I am up to!

I am still having to be inventive as Prima flowers aren't available in Timbuktu but they are available at my local supermarket in the form of a hair clip.
I joined two of my ready made sprigs together to get the vine effect this time I think I'll do three!

Today is the last day for any entries on A Vintage view them, join the group and take part in the vote click please click

Love and ephemera
Ruth xxx

Friday, 29 May 2009

A Golden Oldie!!

No not my husband but the colours and style of this Bubbly Funk/Scrumptious kit!! There are shabby vintage mixed with 60's wallpaper patterns and delicate spots and yet it all works!!

I have never worked with gold before and normally I would imagine it's a hard clour to get right but My Minds Eye have managed to produce the perfect depth of's not yellow nor orange it's gold and looks wicked teamed with brown or black. The papers are double sided so I got 9x2=18 different patterns to play with!!Yipee...I might even use all my little leftovers for a miniature project!

In the mean time I made this for Mark for Fathers Day from the kids using only 3 sheets of patterned paper giving me loads left over for a few golden sunshiney layouts!! Click HERE to see exactly how I made it.

Helena said I should do a Ferrero Rocha layout but I have other scrummy this space!!

Love and sunshine kisses

Ruth xxx

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A little Old and lots of Gold!!

This is the layout I made for the Scrapbook Inspirations sketch challenge a few months ago and it has just been published in the June issue so here it is........
I had 3 days to make it so was really panicky as well as having to get my first DT project in that same week.....there were some late nights back then!!

I had to choose a technique and I chose to use the letter tiles as they are so versatile.....I pretty much stuck to the sketch but there was no way I could use any sporting photos we just don't do them in our family!! As I said in my brief the closest my family get to sports is a gentle game of boules or watching other people drive vintage motor cars!!

I used up the last of my Prima Say It In Crystals which is why I have been desperate to get some no more magazine calls for me until I can get my hands on some!! lol!!

I am waiting for this months Bubbly Funk kit to arrive and have seen the sneak peek on the site.....there was me thinking it was yellow and brown, actually turns out it's Gold...phew.....I had been wondering how I was going to tackle Yellow and had decided to go with black and white photos.....these papers are lovely but then what else would you expect from "My Minds Eye"

I have planned a whole months worth of Fathers Day projects but am now thinking yum about something for me......maybe a pretty layout or two!!

I love this job!! I get to be my own boss and be creative director...the only thing I can't and won't ever be is an IT genius!!! (note to Mark!!) xxx

Love and Old Gold

Ruth xxx

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Georgias baby shoes.....

Having discovered these pretty pink leather baby shoes in the Attic recently, I put them to one side thinking I might scrap with them one day. They got knocked around from room to room and Ben and Georgia kept on pulling them out of the box they were in so I thought about a solution and came up with this.......these beautiful K & Co papers from the Bubbly Funk May kit were perfect...not too much pattern and really green and thinking was that a dark background would emphasise the pink shoes and I think it has worked ok.

(It was tricky to photograph because of the glass so I'm sorry about any reflections!)

I was devastated to discover that Wilkinsons don't sell these anymore so I had to pinch one that I'd already started....oh well at least I'd already painted the frame!!
I love using rub-ons on pale frames because thats when I think they show up the best...I just can't seem to get the hang of them on layouts? Maybe it's just me!!

I thought the bunting was a great way of suspending the title and although a little tricky to get placed it hangs lovely with a little help from some PVA on the string to stiffen the shape!!

So from now on Georgia can admire her baby shoes and not keep on moving them and losing them as they will be firmly attached to a wall or shelf!!

Thanks to Caroline from Bubbly Funk for putting together such a stunning kit. I have stroked and worshipped every piece of paper and chipboard in this kit!!

I have also taken the liberty of having a sneak peek at next months kit on the net and it will be a big change for me.....but I am looking forward to the challenge and to making some rather masculine items just in time for Fathers Day!!

Love and tiny toes

Ruth xxx

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

I made my own Primas!

You know how it see want can't wait or get hold of it!! So you get crafty and thats exactly what I did with these flowers!

I wired each individual flower around a leaf and curled the excess wire. Then I attached the leaves to the main stem which came from the top flower and worked my way down.....only one problem..... I have run out of leaves and want to do another one...urggghhh

These pretty papers are from the Bubbly Funk May kit and are from the Madeline collection by K&Co. For some reason I always think that this kind of Duck Egg green colour doesn't photograph or replicate well and I am convinced of this, because in real life it's much more intense. I actually quite enjoyed working with a touch of purple it made a change although I haven't got many purple flowers or embellishments so I am having to work around this!! Hence the purple butterflies!

Can you believe how many of those plastic butterflies and flowers I used!! And there was me thinking they'd be collecting dust for forever and a day....I guess you never know what you are going to pull out of the bag (or messy bedroom) until you trip over them!!

Thnx for the B Bling B!!

Love and butterfly bling

Ruth xxx

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Holiday photos

We are back from our fun and refreshing weekend away and I am armed and ready to are some photos that you will no doubt be seeing on a layout in the near future!!

Taken in an original Victorian photographers studio with full length glass windows and roof!!

Our caravan was tucked away behind this pretty cart wheel, meanwhile a poorly Ben was tucked up in his pushchair exhausted from an overload of information and new surroundings!!
Note to family: Tons more photos on my other blog!!

Love and wagon wheels

Ruth xxx

Friday, 15 May 2009

My oh la la wedding layout!!

Todays Bubbly Scrumptious contribution comes to you courtesy of the Bubbly Funk May Kit and my ever suffering husband who not only has to put up with my mess, sort out my photos but also suffer having his photo on-line for the world to see!!

Although why he should be embarassed I do not know!! After all it's only "a bit of leg!!"

Love and lace wedding garters

Ruth xxx

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Crazy chick and happy eggs!

No I haven't gone mad and started making more Easter decorations!! One of my work colleagues has just got her own free range chickens in her garden....having previouly supplied me with a load of these jars I thought I'd return the favour and give her one back again!

My theory was that if I made it all girly it would stop her teenage sons from pinching the egg money from the jar!! The cute chick is there to add bit of humor to the project!!
ps: Thanks to Rosita for supplying me with a bright yellow egg box......that one WILL be turned into an Easter year!!

Love and happy eggs

Ruth xxx

Monday, 11 May 2009

Boudoir Babe.....

Valchula is hosting an altered challenge on A Vintage Affair this month the rules are that you must have before and after photos and it must be vintage I thought for a wee bit and then decided to use this jewellery holder that I had found in my local charity shop for 50p.

I painted the flat wooden dress form and covered it in the new Blueberry Hill papers from Papermania...yes a shock I know because Papermania just doesn't rock my boat but these.......ahhh now these papers are a different story!!

We are talking vintage blue's and pinks, trellis patterns like old Sanderson wallpapers and Laura Ashley style prints...remember what I said about Laura Ashley...they should have stuck with what they used to do best when it came to scrapbook papers!!

I think the A4 pad was £6.99 for 48 sheets so I have got enough here to keep me in pretty projects forever!! I actually used my memory glass for the first time and I have had it for yonks!! I really enjoyed making it though and thanks to Crafty Images for the free image from an ATC book they gave away once!! See it pays to keep these!!

The finished girlie is going into Georgias bedroom to go with all her other recent pretties!!

If you like altering, card making or vintage layouts then come on over to A Vintage Affair and join us in our first month of challenges!!

Love and vintage ladies
Ruth xxx

Friday, 8 May 2009

Scrumptious Journal

Mays Bubbly Funk kit just carries on giving and giving and...... giving!!! In fact I am going to be giving this away to a lovely internet friend of mine...........I hope she likes it!!

You honestly can't go wrong with these beautiful K&Co papers, I would seriously recommend ordering them from Bubbly Funk. The chipboard is the most amazing quality and I have some even more beautiful embellishments stashed away for next week!!

I have still got that recycled cardboard thing going on!! But I really like it as a trend so I plan on making the most of it while its here and it saves on the pennies!!

I have called this my credit crunch gift as I reckon you could make quite a few for a couple of pounds. Click HERE to receive full instructions on dismantling a wire book.

Love and the gift of giving
Ruth xxx

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Ready-made Vintage Accordian book giveaway!!

My wonderfully talented DT colleague Kathy Black is giving away this beautiful ready covered K & Co Madeline accordian book on the Bubbly Scrumptious blog this week. Isn't it beautifully made!

To be in with a chance to win simply leave a comment before next Wednesday. If you are not fortunate enough to win then don't worry, Kathy has left full instructions on how to make it HERE.

Or you could purchase the kit through the Bubbly Funk on-line shop before it sells out!!

Love and Good Luck

Ruth xxx

Monday, 4 May 2009

You may recall a canvas I made recently with the same photo. I gave that to my best friend Chrissie for Easter so I decided to repeat it again on a layout for me.

This time I used My Minds Eye Bella papers from last months Bubbly Funk DT kit. I trimmed the edges to make them smaller than 12x12 and cut the centre out. I recyled some packaging again and dry brushed with gesso or white acrylic paint. A small amount of inking and I cut up a table runner that had rust marks on it. I know and yes I did feel guilty......but again I believe scrapbooking is about the future of these crafts blended with the past and not leaving things to rot away!!

I wanted to do one of those mastercard sayings you know......£30.00 on a new top
£20.00 on drinks
£10.00 on taxis
My best friends engagement party.... Priceless!!

But is just didn't seem right!! Maybe another time lol!!

Love and cardboard
Ruth xxx