Monday, 27 July 2009

Squashed strawberries...includes fence tutorial

Aren't these just the most scrummiest berrylicious papers from Websters Pages perfect for summer photos, barbeques, garden photos and kids having fun in the sun!! Then again if you like these wait until you see their Christmas'll be speechless!!

I had saved these lolly sticks ready to make a fence around my birdhouse but in the end I didn't use them......however fences are very trendy right now and if like me you live on the wrong continent for getting hold of whats "in" in the scrapbooking world then you'll just have to act like your Grandmother did during the war and make do!!

You will need:
*5 ice-cream sticks (can be purchased from Boyes or model shops or washed well after a hot days treat!!) painted with gesso or white acrylic
*Cut three in half..these do not have to be exactly in half as the uneven-ness adds character to the fence.

Place the two long ones horizontally and the 6 short ones vertically. Adhere with strong glue like Rangers glossy accents.

Randomly ink with brown distress inks or a chalky catz eye.

*Wire with small paper flowers, glue the flower heads in place if they are loose and prone to movement.

*Attach to project with 2 long strips of double sided foam on the rear of the horizontal fence posts.

Anyway back to the layout...I get 10 points for journaling!!

10 points for stamping......

.......and another 10 for doing a multi pic layout!!
Oh look even a date on it...well done me she says with her sarcastic voice!!

Feeling the credit crunch let me tell you about "Recession Chic!!"

If you like a bit of hoarding and collecting then you have got to read this....just don't fall into the trap of paying for the pretties!! Do what I do and scounge around charity shops for it all!

Check this story out HERE!!

Enjoy your week mine is full of germs, snuffles and 3 night shifts...oh and the dreaded school holidays..wish me luck!!

Love and strawberry kisses

Ruth xxx


Karen said...

Hi Ruth!!! Those papers are just GORGEOUS!!! I will be searching for the Christmas ones now....any clues??? Your LO is looks like you could just jump right on in hahahaha

ssssshhhhhh!!!! but I get my sticks from Costa Coffe or know the ones your stir your tea with? They are finer and free!!! HUGS XXX

Sue Abbott said...

Lovely layout and the fences are brill. The annoying thing is I had LOADS of lolly sticks and threw them! Never mind eh. Thanks for all of the tips you are giving us lately Ruth. Hope to see you soon.
Sue x

downrightcrafty said...

love the papers and can't wait to see the xmas ones. Must make a trip to boys not been in ages and can feel a spending spree coming on and can see in the crystall ball a shortage of lollies on the ice cream man's cart............
thanks for sharing
kate x

Toni said...

Ruth u r so dang smart!!! what a great idea, I'm going 2 hav 2 give it a try!!! luv the lo, it looks just like summer!!! also luv the hatpins, geez I can come here & get all kinds of great ideas!!!

Kirsty said...

I love the picket fence idea! thanks for sharing:)

Traceyr said...

What a brilliant idea Ruth for the fence. Will use this somewhere I'm sure. :)

Chimene said...

I so love this!!! The fence is so cool!!

LazyKay said...

Thanks for the inspiration - gorgeous page!