Tuesday, 14 July 2009

All things blue and beautiful all creatures great and small

Do you remember when I got 3 of these cabinets for only .50p each?.....

.....Well it's my friends 40th and I wanted to make her a pretty but quirky box so I decorated it and took it to the glaziers who put a mirror into it for me for the price of a pint of beer! (lovely chap said "no charge" but I felt bad leaving without paying so gave him a tip!)

My friend suffers from an extremely difficult to treat skin condition on her face which causes her to look like she has severe acne........so I want her to remember when she is feeling down that "beauty lies within" and not to give a sh*t about other peoples hurtful comments and cr*p doctors who won't sort her out once and for all and send her to see a skin specialist!

I'm thinking "Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the fairest one of all" for a cool little girls present? And perhaps a shrine to the God of Graphic45 for the other cabinet!! What do you reckon?

....arghhhhhh...sorry..how did that photo get on here?..lol!

and whilst we are on about pretty but quirky things here is a photo of Georgia in her new raincoat........it cost a wee bit and she will have to wear it day and night until she leaves home at the age of 21 but isn't it lovely......it's made by Joules,(click HERE) unfortunately the Adults one doesn't have the waxed coating and isn't in a Jacket style:(....if "I" had this coat "I" would be praying for rain!!....I wonder if they do matching wellies? hmmmmm)

These next 2 photos are probably the ones I will treasure the most...as soon as I clicked I knew I had the money shot!!...and the one of Georgia and I was taken by Georgias' friend who was also in the photo shoot...it's very rare to have photos of me and certainly not publish(able) ones, but I am going to make an exception for once......make-up less and all!

Love and pink and blue roses

Ruth xxx


Anonymous said...

The box looks fantastic and I know your friend will love it too, soooo thoughtful and made with love!!

Just knew you wouldn't be able to resist that raincoat, has you written all over it, well lucky mini you has it instead and looks gorgeous in it to.

Love MIL

craftypagan said...

That is such a beautiful gift! Your friend will love it-it's so special and thoughtful! Hugs Rowena

Zarah said...

Tha is so beautiful and so thoughtful! How SWEET of you!

Love the photos of you 2 too. :D

Sue Abbott said...

That realy is a lovely photo, look forward to seeing it on a layout. And waht bargains with thw little units! You have totally transformed it and with such thoughts for your friend. You obviously treasure her, and I'm sure she will you when she receives such a lovely gift!
Sue x

downrightcrafty said...

oh the last two photos are spot on the ball, and the box is beautiful and I am sure it will make a very special person very happy.
Kate x

sam21ski said...

Love the way you've transformed the 'Box' Ruth and I'm sure your friend will just love it - great photos too, but then yours always are and I just love what you do with them afterwards xxxx

pia iris said...

this cabinet vent really romantic. i love it.

loriete said...

I love the cabinet and the whole idea! I think it is very impoertant to have a supporting friend, in your friend's case. You are a wonderful friend! And a cabinet looks gorgeous! Everyone would love to have one like that ;)

Your daugther is sooooo cute in this raincoat! She is a beautiful girl! And you are a gorgeous mommy ;) You two look so happy!

Now I am waiting for your scrapworks from those photos ;) I know its gonna be stunning!

Hugs from Loriete.

Anneliese said...

as always you've outdone yourself again .. that cainet is fab !
I have left an award for you on my blog
take care x

Jeanet said...

This is so beautifulllll and I like the papers and the flowers and the swirls you've used !! What a lovely daughter between the roses with her coat !!

Peet said...

oh, the box looks gorgeous, Ruth!!!
Beautiful photos too!