Saturday, 4 July 2009

Glimmer Mist giveaway and giving away my secrets...

Tattered Angels are having a giveaway on their blog HERE because they have repackaged their bottles to look like this!

It is still the same great product but with a fabulous NEW LOOK!!

My talented friend Carol has tagged me and I have to write about 7 things in my life that I can't do without..

1) My kids.....yes they drive me bonkers but I couldn't live without them xxx
2) My DH...........yes he drives me.........just kidding.......who else would tell me to touch Earth occasionally as I live in the clouds most of the time!
3) I can't live without has always made me happy and provides me with escapism from the daily grind.. and boy what a grind it can be sometimes!

4) I could live without Coffee and Chocolate but I choose not to!! I put up with the migraines because I thrive on that extra late night kick when I am crafting in the dark!!

5) I couldn't live without my mind frequently wanders back to my childhood I'm sure I have rose tinted glasses on when I do but it keeps me sane....I think!

6) The four not classical Vivaldi but the actual weather...I know I moan but I love to watch the changes of mother nature...I just wish winter wasn't quite so loooooong!

7) Friends.....besties........rellies (relatives) and newbies!! You know who you are!!

Lana's Birthday Book......
One of Georgias friends is turning 8 today. Each year I make her a little something and we always have a photo shoot beforehand. This year I used a Maya Road Crown Book (well actually half of one, the other half can be saved for the next birthday girl!!)
I used these bright and funky K&Co papers and matching rub-ons and wasn't until I'd made the front page that I realised I'd bought some lovely matching felt words but it was too late to change it so the next one I make will be even nicer!!

Happy 4th July to my American friends...have a wonderful time I can't wait to see your lovely cards, layouts and photos of the day!!

Love and glittery giggles
Ruth xxx


Karen said...

Hi Ruth X
WOW to that little book....what a brilliant idea to use a crown!!! All little girls love a crown!!!

You are doing very well with your bright colours...your crafting is just as fab as ever honey, I love that LO XXX

In answer to your question on my blog...I didn't doodle the bird, its a stamp from Dimension Fourth. The downside of stamping is that you get a bit lazy on the drawing front hahahaha HUGS XXX