Wednesday, 15 July 2009

My K&CO Verbena Birthday Banner for Bubbly Funk

I have wanted to make one of these for sooooo long, that when the opportunity arose with this months Bubbly Funk kit I jumped at the chance!!

The kit has so many pages of patterned paper in it that even after four weeks of projects I am able to make something of this size and still have quite alot left over. Although I am now on the hunt for a childs shoebox to cover with my leftovers to store this banner in.

Tricky to photograph on a rainy day...I couldn't exactly hang it from the washing line to get a photo so I apologise for the baby buggy in the background!!

I used a small nation worth of lace but I am afraid there is no other way around it approx 10 metres.... Sorry no shortcuts today!!

Unless you count using a crop-o-dile to get through the layers of lace and to apply the eyelets..thankyou Denise from Tillys of Immingham for lending me the punch and the crop-o-dile it went through those layers like butter on a hot knife and yes it is now on my wish list!!

"I am a crop-o-dile convert"...there you go I have said it out loud!

There are full instructions and page by page photos for those of you who are interested or who just want to inspect my terrible stitching up close over HERE.

I would seriously recommend buying this kit for all those Christmas presents and winter projects, there are so many embellishments you'll still be using them up in the New Year!!

I have received an award from the lovely and incredibly talented Anneliese aka l'atelier.

I am extremely honored and humbled that Anneliese even visits my she is the designer for Trading Post....(who just happen to have some Graphic45 papers in their UK shop!! yeehah!!) Sue and Sam you will love her work...check it out!!

The rules are that:

By accepting this award you agree to display this award proudly on your site and include a post link back to the giver. Share this award with a few other people or as many as you would like.

I'd like to pass this award on to Loriete who makes the most stunning layouts and cards on her blog

Carol who I love dearly, you must visit her to see her recent works of miniature altered's awesome

and Sue who deserves a million awards for her patience in teaching me so many techniques some of which I occasionally drag up from the bottom of my brain!

(And while I have a big head!! I just have to tell you that both of my layouts have been featured on the Websters pages blog, one last week and one this week!! Toot Toot)

Love awards, banners and blogs

Ruth xxx


downrightcrafty said...

Awsome, and so gracious. Where an earth did you find the mountain of lace but obviously it was worth it as it looks stunning.
kate x

Ruth said...

I bought the bundles of lace from Boyes @ 40p each and they told me each bundle has 3-4 metres in it however I suspect it was more like 2.5-3 metres in each. Either way 4 bundles cost me £1.60 which is loads cheaper than buying it by the metre.

loriete said...

Oh, Ruth! You surprised me sooooooo much! Thank you for your reward! It is an honor to have it on my blog and pass it to others...

Btw, congratulations on beeing featured on Websters! ;) Hip-hip-hurray!!!

Hugs from Loriete.