Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Bubbly Funk Friday Stuff.......

Can you believe that I made this covered matchbox in a matters of hours.....I had the idea the day before and bought a large matchbox from the corner shop, then in between the school run and two hospital appointments I covered it painted it and did the finishing bits and it was done by 4pm.

Apart from the acrylic paints, background stamp and brown jute everything came in the July Kit. Oh and an empty cereal box for the larger shapes..........thnx kids!

I have seen these done in Christmas papers and think they would make wonderful gifts for someone who has a roaring log fire.......warning if posting overseas you may have to remove the matches first!! lol!! Watch out............boom!!

The reverse side is not covered in paper so you can still strike a light, if however you wanted to make one as a gift box then cover both sides.

(I'm thinking I love these so much I might whip up a batch full... a bit like baking cakes!! But if my family do that handmade Xmas pressie challenge again I'm going to have to get cracking on with it!!)

I used my newest Fiskars punch for this layout and one of my all time favourite photos of Granny and Mum. The extras added were the music sheet, some chalk ink and shimmer mist. A small amount of bling and a couple of brads. The saying is from a seperate K&Co sheet and seems a perfect match...but then what else would you expect from K&CO...I love that I get to use up my old stuff too!

Next weeks project is nearly finished but having used about 15 metres of lace, I have dried out the local supplies and may have to shorten the project!!

I guess you'll just have to wait and fact that makes two us because I haven't got a clue how this one is going to end!!

ps:This kit is still available from Bubbly Funk starting from £10.00 and the colours are perfect for Xmas presents for Mothers, Mother in Laws and Grandmothers!!

Love and log fires

Ruth xxx


mandysea said...

Wow that is gorgeous!!! And a fabulous idea!! Ooooh I have my log fire going here! Its freezing!!

Carol said...

Hey and I must be on the same wavelength...I finished 2 LO's that I have just now posted, vintage style...
I love the layout of your Mum and Grandmother. And who would have thought to scrap a matchbox ?...what a great idea...Again..I think, you
think, outside the box. I would never have thought of that...
Very original, very You...

loriete said...

Oh lol, it is just amazing! The box is simply beautiful! I love the shape and colors! I think I might be lifting this one ;)

And LO is as always soooooooo fantastic! You are a gifted one, definately. I like to look at your LOs for inspiration, details, color match - simply to learn from you. Thank you for sharing your works!


downrightcrafty said...

wow Ruth I can see a shortage of matches coming on soon. You have been a busy bee, wish I could say the same, work and home a little hectic at the moment. Love your layout and the photo is lovely
kate x

Lucy Edson said...

Your matchbox is wonderful, love the plums and greens.

Gorgeous vintage style and look to your layout - the photo is a real treasure!

Karen said...

Oh Ruth....I adore what you have done with the matchbox. Blow using it for matches would be lovely as a present in itself perhaps with a little gift inside.

Your layout is superb as always. I love your use of the sheet music and its a beautiful photograph.


Jeja said...

Hi Ruth! I love eferything on your blog! Such an inspiration! I'm so honoured that you want to do a feature on me on Inspirationalcraftblogs! So, yes, of course you have my permission :)

// Jenny

Caroline said...

Gorgeous projects Ruth...x

Lynn said...

Oh wow, that is one beautiful match box, and your layouts are amazing!!! This is my first visit here, thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment, see you soon :)

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