Friday, 29 August 2008


I have just found out that a friend of mine is having a mastectomy and she is only a few years older then me. I am shocked by how young she is and would love to make her something pretty.
I have seen on the net the new Melissa Frances line with Pink Ribbon paper and stickers and was wondering if anyone knows if you can buy them in England?
I guess there is no better way of saying I'm thinking of you than getting straight to the point with a beautiful card or mini-album to see her through her hospital stay.
Please leave me a comment if you can help.
Thankyou xxx


LazyKay said...

I have friends who are breast cancer survivors and can relate to how shocked you are to hear your friend's news.

CANCERBACUP is a good source of information both for her and for family/friends.

Love the papers - I can't see any in UK but mail from US is quite speedy and what a GREAT idea you've had - I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

Sending her good vibes.


Helena said...

Have you tried e-bay???

If you see any on there I would be more than happy to get them for you!

Super cute idea!


Tracey said...

I haven't seen any specific UK sites that sell these papers, I have seen them on ebay though and of course in the US, sorry to hear about your friend, if I do see any of the papers on my web wanderings I'll let you know (((((HUGS)))))

Just call me G said...


I have had a right sided mastectomy and go into hosp on the 17th to have the other side removed..

I do have if you want to send me your address a bellacause stamp and a stamp that has

mothers mothers mothers mothers
sisters sisters sisters sisters
find a cure find a cure etc etc
friends friends etc etc
courage courage etc etc
grandma etc etc etc
pink pink pink etc etc

and also a couple of different awareness ribbon dies that i can punch out and send along with stamped images of the stamps I have...

Good thoughts and wishes to your friend...Gina x


Hi, I am sorry to hear about your friend. I have just literally come off the phone from a friend whos dad is in hospital with bowel cancer, and she has now started showing symptoms of the same. She is going for blood tests thursday and her doctor is referring her to the consultant, so we just have to wait. So i can fully understand how you are feeling. Have you tried QVC i believe they do some Melissa Frances. Love to you and your friend. Linda x