Saturday, 16 August 2008

A picture of happiness..........

I finally collected our family portrait from Venture this week. It wasn't quite as awesome as I had remembered (they didn't airbrush me into a size zero!!), but nonetheless after all the drama it is over and done with now!!

I think when you spend alot of money on something like this it is hard to be satisfied because at the end of the day neither Mark nor I like seeing ourselves in print, but at least it is a record of our happy little family and I love the warmth and naturalness between us all.

The photo shoot itself was great fun and I'll never forget it, but choosing which photo was difficult because some of them were really cool but cropped at funky angles, and they needed bigger frames than what we could afford to do them any justice. So instead we have this little momento in our time it is definately just the kids only in the picture!!


Nobbly Bobbly said...

I'm so jealous I've always wanted a venture portrait but have just never managed to get organised enough to do it


micayla said...

I think it is gorgeous, I really do and I would be so happy to have that in my front room!

LazyKay said...

Lovely family memento - you've captured a moment and it's lovely that ALL FOUR are on there.


Jamie said...

What a beautiful family you are! Gorgeous photo!

Helena said...

Just got a letter through to say ours it is ready!!!

As we wanted a family photo, and the photos of the girls together we didn't like, we went the one we picked!!!

I am dreading seeing it again, lol!!

Love your photo!