Tuesday, 5 August 2008

My Parents have been staying from New Zealand so we have been doing the rounds of family, trains and craft shops.....

Georgia and her Grandad watching Pooh Bear sticks floating down the river.....

We discovered this pile of ruins with a Green Man head and Gargoyles on the side of it....

...this cool door had the most amazing door handle!!
I tried but failed miserably to photograph these Red Admiral butterflies on a Buddleia bush, Dad the expert photographer manged to get a gorgeous one of two together!!

Georgia looking out of the window of a Steam Train...and concentrating on holding a Toad in her hand!!

Finally the driver (me) said well if we can do trains then it's only fair we do a craft shop!! Plus I have an order that needs doing for a customer...so I went on a shopping dash whilst Mum and Dad looked after 2 very hot and bothered children and I grabbed some Prima flowers and lots of K&Co papers!!

I am making a 6x6 shadow box for a wedding anniversary present and have bought myself a 12x12 one for my bedroom so I can just change the Layout when I get bored. I can't wait to get stuck in after work tomorrow!!


Tracey said...

Looks like you are packing lots of fun whilst your family are over here visiting, enjoy your time with them, I love the look of those papers and flowers - can't wait to see what you come up with XXX

Jamie said...

So glad you and your family are having such a good time! Georgia is beautiful! You are quite the photograper! I love the one of her holding the little toad! Can't wait to see what you come up with!
Take care xxx

LazyKay said...

Oh what precious pictures you've got there. You'll be storing up lovely mementoes(?Sp) and memories and I can see lots of lovely pages in the future.

The picture on the bridge is gorgeous but WOW WOW WOW the first one of Gorgia concentrating on the toad is A MAY ZING!!!! Another one of yours that I'd pick out and frame on its own to have on a wall in the house - but then you'd soon need a mansion to have enough wall.

Love the architechtural features you've spotted too - TFS. Continue to enjoy your holiday.


Ruth said...


Thank you very much for your nominated me to Inspirational! It was a pleasant surprise!

Great blog that you have!

Best regards Ruth.

altered geisha said...

I seem to have had gremlins in my comments as I know that Jamie. Kath and Sam have all left lovely comments but they have disappeared, so thankyou anyway.
At least I managed to read them before they vanished!!

Love Ruth xxx

LazyKay said...

Oh I seem to have lost the LONG comment I made earlier on here about this post.

So, here goes again.

It's lovely that you are recording the lovely memeories of the shared moments with the generations.

That photo with the toad, I'd want to frame it but then if you framed all the ones I like, you'd need a mansion to have enough wall on which to display them.

So pleased you're enjoying your parents' visit.


LazyKay said...

Oh forgot, loving the architechtural features you've photographed too.