Monday, 21 July 2008

Schools out for Summer!!

A Thankyou card for Georgias teacher who has looked after her for 2 years.
Georgia is understandably anxious about moving up with the big kids and leaving the nursery environment behind. She's also excited because the big kids eat their lunch in the canteen not the classroom!! I can picture it eating she will just be people watching all dinner hour!!

The head teacher is retiring this year and she has been such a strong leader for 9 years, preventing this small school from closure and receiving excellent reports from the inspectors. She will be sorely missed, her door was always open and she always had a polite world and a compliment about their child to say to every Mum.

On a funny note: I showed Georgia a new eye mask that I was given to help me sleep during the day time. It's very luxurious and made out of velvet and satin. When I told her it was made out of satin she said "how cool, does that mean you can see the planets and the stars in it!! Satin not Saturn get it!! We had such a giggle pretending to put it on and look down at different planets from the sky!!



Helena said...

LOL, not going to beleive this, but I have used the same "Chalk board" paper as you!!!

Brilliant cards, lol over the space exploring!!


Tracey said...

Awww that is a lovely card, the techer is going to be sorely missed by the sounds of it. LOL at the special outer space mask story, dontcha just love the way kids get their words muddled up, have a great week XXX

LazyKay said...

I like the blackboard effect on the card.

Saturn, well at least she knows it's a planet!


Jamie said...

Beautiful card! Sounds like Georgia was in good hands! Good teachers need need to be showered with kindness!!! Great job! Love the space exploration story! Too cute! Thanks for sharing!