Sunday, 27 July 2008

Hi Peeps!

Mark and I have been busy wallpapering our bedroom as Mum and Dad are coming from NZ on Wednesday, and with a house full of mess they deserve a little sanctuary of their own!! We did it in a record 3 days, finished it Saturday evening and then straight up into the attic to sort out boxes for a car boot sale!!

So it was a 5am start this morning and I had to drag myself out of bed!!
I met Sue B from the PP forum in person at my stall, it was lovely getting to know her by face and not avatar! I talked half of Grimsby into buying my old scrapbook mags but refused to sell the Laura Ashley holder they were in. I mean a girls gotta hang onto something right! Besides half of the fun is refilling with more mags!!

I have nearly finished the dastardly orange Layout, hopefully tonight I will put it to bed.......before I collapse into my own !!!!
Love to you all xxx


Helena said...

OOh you must be excited about your mum and dad comming, and I bet they are excited to meet Ben!!

Have fun!


Jamie said...

Wallpapering...I hate doing it, but love the effect! Enjoy your family! The corner of the orange LO looks good!:):):)
Take care!

LazyKay said...

Oh, how exciting to have your parents visiting _ I bet the whole house is in a frenzy.

WELL DONE on getting the decorating done in record time, especially in this heat and well done on your sales too.

Love what I'm seeing here.