Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Inspirational have just featured this blog and oh my is it full of pretties!!!

I always knew there was a reason why I collect so many items of broken jewellery, clocks and china and this is it!!
Check her out here

I think I learnt to read using Dick and Jane did you?

I love her altered clock she uses these flat wooden ornamental decorations the same as lilybeanpapiere uses. Do you think Santa could deliver them for me!lol!!


Jamie said...

Thats great! Yes,it brings back memories!!!:):)

LazyKay said...

That's gorgeous - no, I don't think I learnt to read with it - tho' it is ubiquitous.


micayla said...

Oh my I sooooo need that bracelet, it is totally gorgeous! It is so vintage and yummo, I wonder if I can find some of the books on ebay...........off to check now!