Friday, 4 July 2008

I have been wanting some of these cute OWL stamps for long now that they have probably gone out of fashion!!

The card is made into a triangle and sealed at the top, the little tag should hang down the back but I flipped it over for display purposes.

Georgias' friend is turning 7 and last year I made her sister a map book, so I thought I'd better do one for the other sister. Realising I was running out of time I remembered I had a left over pack from the After School Club, so I decided to use these and make a pocket book instead.

This is the one where you fold the 12 by 12 in half and then fold the edges into the middle crease creating four columns, then you turn the paper around and repeat, the cuts are made up the first and the the third crease and the from the top down in the centre one, ensuring the last square is left intact each time.

I didn't have any recent photos and rapidly losing light I went outisde for a quick photo shoot at 7 o'clock!!

Luckily I still had all of my embellishments at hand and had the book made within a couple of hours.

TFL xxx


LazyKay said...

Love the wee owls, I think they are quite versatile so shouldn't go out of fashion too soon - if at all.

What a beautiful book - she must have been thrilled with it.


altered geisha said...

She was thrilled with the pictures because girls just love posing for photos!!

Her Mum cried and promptly took it around to Grandmas to show her!

Helena said...

Just blog hopping and catching up on commenting!!!

Cool map book!!!! Glad they liked it!!!

Cute card!!!

Noticed you won the ugly paper callenge in, you must be sighing in releif now that I only get you vouchers, lol!!!


sam21ski said...

Love the new look of your blog, colours are pleasing on the eye

Cute little owls!!!

WOW what a fab book - bet she loved it


Ruthy said...

Just returning your blog hop...I’m loving your little maze book they are just so versatile.