Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Catch up.....

Do you remember the Library project I mentioned earlier on, .......well having collected over 20 boxes of donated craft supplies!!!! Sue and Tracey from Paperparadise presented it to the children on Wednesday. The quality and volume of donated items is amazing!! Stamps, 12x12 papers, inks, ribbons, beautiful name it and it's there!!

Thankyou so much to the Grimsby Crafting community and the ladies from my work and women from all over the internet (who posted stuff to Sam) for all of your hard work in having a clear out and making the effort to deliver the goods to Sue. It really is very much appreciated. xxx

This is what the photo when it eventually goes in the paper will look like!!

This week I taught them how to stamp with stazon and use watercolour pencils or felt tips on a CD to create watercolour effects. Here are their results...

....pretty fantastic for first timers don't ya think?

Georgia had her first dancing exam on Saturday and we made it with one minute to spare. I was practically pushing her out of the car as we pulled up to the school!!

Chloe, Georgia and Aimee (cousins

Aimee, Georgia and Ria (friends)

Fingers crossed we will have some photos with medals very soon!!!!

Being a Kiwi you can imagine my delight when I realised that my neighbour had a flowering New Zealand flax in her garden. I asked her permission to photograph its majestic flowers and was delighted to discover she also has an Australian Bottle Brush bush!! These plants are as common as muck at home but when you haven't seen
any for 15 years you suddenly appreciate their beauty.

No crafty news this week I am doing lots of overtime, wallpapering our bedroom and cursing at an ORANGE layout in between!!!!

Love Ruth xxx


Jamie said...

What a great cause and idea! Your students did fantastic for first timers!!! WTG!!!

Tracey said...

The girls did good with their cards

LOL I had a bottle brush plant until last year, this year I managed to kill it somehow :( but I loved it ,beautiful flowers !

Erika said...

GIrls did great for 1st timers! Better than I could do even! hehe! Beautiful flower/plant pics too!

micayla said...

OOH I wish I would of known, I could of donated something. You will have to give me a shout next time. Sweet pic's of the girls, looks like they had a blast.
Hope you are enjoying the weekend, the weather is a bit better today. I even have managed to get a load of washing on the line!!! I must admit though, the weather must of been happening for me. I really cannot stand it at the moment when it is hot and sticky!
Oh and yes I am super fed up now, 5 weeks left tomorrow and I just want to get the deed done and meet my little Miss!
Thank you for the request of my addy, it is really sweet of you considering we dont know each other personally. The world of blogger amazes me! We will have to meet up once I have the baby and am off work, I may even come to the Paper Paradise crop or something!!
I will email you soon.
Take care xxx

LazyKay said...

The library group (and you) must be well chuffed with those cards - WOW! Tell them WELL DONE.

And, what bonny girls there - can't wait for the medals so's we can see them.

Lovely flower photos - great for card making.


Helena said...

Yep they sure are quick learners these girls, the cards were beautiful!!

Fingers crossed for the girls and their medal, you must send me a copy of the photos!

OOh so that is what they are, I have seen them in a few different gardens!!!