Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Working Hard

It's nice to get back to normal, hopefully Ben will sleep through the night and we wil get back in our own beds again!! yay!

I have been working hard (not) and doing my First Aid Refresher Training. The weather has been gorgeous so Lunch was taken outside each day!!

My training buddies were a bit strange looking though!!

I am a fussy photographer when I get the shot set up in my head I just wish I knew how to actually use the camera!!

OK so I made him move the bike against the brick wall to look cooler!!

We took the grandparents out for a meal because they are so good to us and Georgia was treated to a pudding!! Half way through and looking a little pale she passed it over for her Dad to finish!!

Or maybe it was all the tickling from Grandad that made her feel sick!!

Oh well back to normal now!!


LazyKay said...

What great pics and yes, your training buddies do look a bit jumpy!

Great family pics.


Helena said...

Great photos!