Friday, 27 June 2008

Mr IT said to me last night "I have some exciting news but I can't tell you until the morning"!!

I was curious but very tired and went to sleep, until this morning when he showed me that I am featured today on INSPIRATIONAL!! Apparently Julie had e-mailed me and Mark had secretly replied on my behalf!!

I love Inspirational because Julie puts in so much hard work cruising cyber-space and finding awesome blogs for me to check out every day! It was through this site that I found spinnvild, whose work is so inspiring you can see her influence on my next LO. (Hopefully tomorrow if I get some Ink today for the printer!)

Thanks Julie for making a little corner of England very happy this week!! xxxx


LazyKay said...

Whey hey! Well deserved.


Tracey said...

Congratulations - saw you on there :)

Helena said...