Wednesday, 25 June 2008

I have been inspired recently by some awesome photography Blogs, especially Amanda Keeys and The Pioneer Woman.

Check them out at the side of my blog!!

This was just a quickie, I often have little photo-shoots set up in my head, but babies grow so fast and I never get around to doing them until it's too late.

I work nights in a local mental health unit and am so fortunate to experience the most gorgeous sunrises, especially as the view from my office is that of our house!!

I haven't altered these pictures as I'm atill working on just thinking about how scary that whole photoshop thing is!!!

TFL xxx


Tracey said...

Beautiful sunrise !!! and the pic of Ben is adorable, he was soooooo good in the shop today, take care XXX

LazyKay said...

BLIMEY! I can't believe your little one has grown so fast! It seems like only yesterday we were all awaiting his arrival.

LOVE that sunset.


Erika said...

I love your pictures! So talented!

Helena said...

LOl Ben looks a little squished in there, but still a cute photo!

Photoshop isn't scary, just need the confidence to do it, if you don't save over the orginal photos then it dosen't matter!!!

Great shot!