Monday, 23 June 2008

Mini Map Book

My local library run an afterschool club, and on a Tuesday it's craft day!! Well I kind of got involved like you do, and put a call out on my local forum PaperParadise for left over scraps and unwanted supplies.

The response from the crafters of Grimsby has been amazing and Sue, Tracey and I are soon to present it all to them. People have donated 12x12cardstock, stamps, toppers, stickers, inks, paper pads, ribbons, flowers etc. The girls are going to be soooo excited. Can you imagine a group of pre-teens who have only had tissue paper and pipe cleaners at their disposal suddenly being introduced to a whole new world!!

Well tomorrow is the start of that whole new world as I am going to teach them how to make this Map Book. I have used K&Co papers and tried to keep it all really simple, the envelope is a stencil, the heart a punch and the rest can be cut and glued. Later on I am hoping to introduce them to stamping.... but one step at a time!!

I was struggling to make a large flower without buying a punch when Tracey reminded me about the tearing technique!! Three circles of varying sizes and tear the paper towards you (patterned side up) scrunch and crinkle the circles and attach with a brad and voila a pretty flower!!

Who said you need expensive gear to make a great project for kids!!


LazyKay said...

And it's people like yourself who donate the rarest of commodities - TIME and LOVE - what a beautiful book and they will be so inspired.

Great idea the rustic flower - it's important to learn how to use the materials you have and not dismiss them because you don't have the lates 'tool' your hands are the best tools you'll ever have.

I hope they allow you to show the outcome of the project when they've done.


altered geisha said...

Thanks for your lovely comment LK.

I am allowed to take photos if the children have signed permission slips, however I don't know if I can put them on the internet, mind you last time I just blurred their faces so I don't see why not!

LazyKay said...

I meant photos of the books as I'm aware of the issues around pictures of the children themselves, which is a great shame but a sign of the sad times we live in.

So, if they will allow their work onto the internet, it would be lovely to see it.

Maybe they could have their own blogsite if the Library has a computer available? OK - yes, I KNOW, someone (no names no pack drill) would have to load the stuff for them.


Helena said...

Tracey does come up with the most fanastic ideas, and those flowers looked fantastic on the girls books!!!!