Saturday, 28 June 2008

Beer Mats and Bargains!!

If you ever needed an excuse to go to the Pub this is it!!!

These post it note holders are so easy to make and I think they make lovely gifts, so I have been busy making them for some of my crafting friends.

You will need 2 beer mats, 1 sheet of PP, 1 sheet of card stock and a packet of post it notes.
Cut 2 covers 2 cm larger than the beer mats from the PP
Cut 2 inside covers slightly smaller than the mats from heavy weight PP or card stock
Cut a 6 by 12 cm strip of card stock

*Simply cover 2 beer mats with thin patterned paper then cover with lace or ribbon
*Attach a 6cm wide strip of thick card stock between the mats, leaving a 2-3cm gap between them both.
* Glue the inside covers in place and stick on a pack of post it notes!!
* Decorate to suit.

Can you believe I bought all of this for £10 The plastic 12x12 holders were 4 for one pound as were the sticker files. The crop case was £1 and the box files £3. The 8x8 was also just a £1!!!!

What a bargain!! It sure made my day, now I will no excuse for not being organised!!!

Have a great weekend. xxx


LazyKay said...

Great note holder, quite posh!

WOW what bargains and no, you will not have an excuse to be disorganised but it you're anything like me, you don't need an excuse.


Tracey said...

Brilliant idea - thanks for sharing XXX

Erika said...

OMG! I LOVE this idea! This is what you were talking about when you commented on my flip flop coasters! I wasn't sure what you were talking about--but now I do :o] I'm not sure of the cost becuase I use dollars here...
You are SO talented. I love looking at your work!

Helena said...


sam21ski said...

Great idea Ruth - TFS

So spill the beans, great bargains, but where did you get them from?

sam21ski said...
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