Sunday, 29 June 2008

We were just coming out of Boyes today (our regular Sunday haunt) and the heavens opened!!

As we were already wet and the sun had come out by the time we got home, Georgia and I decided it was puddle jumping weather!!!

I can't believe it is exactly a year since our Estate was flooded, and I was too sick (pregnancy nausea) to go and look at the floods. I clearly remember my Mum taking Georgia out puddle jumping one morning in her school uniform and I was laying in bed wishing I could summon up the energy to take some photos.

These photos are me laying some ghosts to rest for not being there for Georgia when I was sick and kicking myself for missing out on a photo opportunity!!


Tracey said...

Sorry you missed the opportunity last year but these photos make up for it, the 'mid-air' one is FAB!!!!

Erika said...

This pictures are SO adorable. Is Georgia your daughter's name? What a pretty name!

LazyKay said...

Excellent, especially that first one - I'd want that enlarged, framed and on a wall!

You've really captured the spirit.


Helena said...

Great photos!

sam21ski said...

How high - get her signed up for the 2012 Olympics!!!