Monday, 25 February 2008

The trouble with twins....

the trouble with twins is they may look the same but they have different personalities.
Every year I strive for perfection from my Amarylis and this year I succeeded. The bulb flowered and the leaves stayed small and not floppy, unfortunately the bastard twin just rebelled against perfection, however every cloud has a silver lining the bastard twin is actually a triplet (well really a twin in its own right) and has produced another flower head, so we get three for the price of two!!


LazyKay said...


Speaking of twins - I see your intro still says you have another child on the way! You're not keeping a secret are you? LOL!

Helena said...

LOL @ LK, Sorry Ruth I actually ment to tell you that but kept forgetting!!!

Fab flowers, have you taken a photo of the good one on its own???


micayla said...

That post made me giggle! As if you call them twins, TEE HEE!
Funny you should mention it, but I did do a 'sick' layout last weekend, I just have not uploaded it yet, also did one of the scan for my DT group. I am trying not to get behind!!!
The sickness really has slowed now which I am thankful for. I still cannot hack the smell of Dove soap or a hand-cream from Lush, just writing about them has made me queasy!!
Have a fab week
Micayla x