Wednesday, 20 February 2008

New Layouts

My Cake Rocks! This is a double ended statement because it is Georgias Cake but I baked it, so either way it is our cake but "MY" sounded better. The grotty tiles in the background just had to be cut out and once I had done that I thought in for a penny in for a pound and went for it!

Friends was created using a sketch and forcing me to cut up my papers, the picture isn't brilliant quality but this works well for 8.5x11 pages as they are smaller and I think quicker to finish.


LazyKay said...

I love the page - great the way they are leaning in towards one another and the fountain in the background - looks good.


Helena said...

LOL, I have just used almost the exact same photo in a layout that you have used in friends, which I love BTW!!! I called mine Cousins 4 Ever!!! Didn't know you were scrapping in this size now!!!!!

Love your cake layout too, it reminded me on how many cake layouts I acutally have to do (16 just for Chloe and Aimee, might do a multi for each of them just to get them done and out of the way!!!Cool you have just inspired me to get them done, thanks)
Cutting the cake out worked fab!!!!