Monday, 25 February 2008

Acetate overlay used as an underlay

I struck apon the idea of using this as an underlay after deciding that as an overlay it limits the embellishments. I have seen mini books and things using acetate or laminate but never a full 12x`12. Do you think this is a world first or has someone already beaten me to it? lol
I painted the reverse of the acetate and applied the inked scalloped paper to the back as well. I also painted behind the words BABY to make them stand out and simply matted and layered the rest of the photo and stuck it on top.

PS: Please excuse the sticky finger marks on the table! Kids huh!!!


Helena said...

Hi ya,
Fantastic looks great!!!

Sorry but I have seen it done while I have been surfing!!!! I have thought about doing it too, but as you know if I could actually get all these ideas out of my head and in to real life, I wouldn't have to many pages to catch up on, lol

How are you going to finish it off? I have seen them in frames with just 12x12 cardstock at the back, or in albums much the same way!!!!
What I have seen which looks cool, is it hung on clips (something like a clothes line) resting against a wall, of course this crafter had about 4 or 5 of them, but its an idea and looks fab!!!!

If you could find cardstock or alter a sheet of cardstock that looks like your table, I think it looks good and makes the photo pop!!!! What does it look like with blue behind it, too much???? I have some sheets of blue cardstock if you would like to see, and if it works you are more than welcome to have it!!!


altered geisha said...

Mark thought it looked better with blue cardstock but I thought for the blog it showed the concept better, because with cardstock it looked like a normal page.

I might put in in the album on its own and not put another page back to back, so you can see the next layout through this one.