Thursday, 14 February 2008

Lindas crochet monster

My wonderfully talented sister taught herself to crochet at some hideously young age. She had to teach herself because Mum didn't know how to do it, even though Mum knits and embroiders. I think she was about 8 and she read the pattern and followed the instructions. Something I have never had the patience to do.

Linda is into making these cool monsters and one arrived in the post for Ben this week, along with some long awaited for crochet flowers for my scrapbooking. Aren't these monsters just gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

Linda seems to be making phallic totems, lol. Rather well endowed crochet monster, will make Mark a little paranoid.
She could make a fortune selling them to women trying to get pregnant, as a fertility gods to carry in your handbag ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oi mate, clean out your mind, he's more of a tripus (like an octopus with only 3 legs). He's just lying down in a disturbing manner in this pic!

Helena said...

Sorry about the first comment!!! YOu know what he is like!!! The monster is cute!!!!

Never thought about crochet my own flowers, I was lucky enough to have a grandmother who taught me how to do it!!! Did Linda ever do finger crochet, I used to make friendship bracelets for all my friends during lessons at school, hehehhe

I think a trip to Boyles, to get a needle and some thread, hopefully I can remember how to do it!!!!