Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Challenge page- Sudden Downpour

I love the way I have preserved the memories of what was an insignificant moment in our lives. The best bit was me grabbing the camera and Mark going ballistic and telling me to dry Georgia but she was well trained and stood still whilst the rain dripped off her and I got my one chance at a good shot!!
This page was made for the Paperparadise forum monthly challenge.


LazyKay said...

Great picture and great layout - love the colour combo - settles well with itself and doesn't interfere with the picture - love the wording too and the letters - did you cut it yourself?


sam21ski said...

Love the look on George's face - she looks so cute xxxx

Helena said...

Fantastic layout!!!! Love the pp you have used!!!

I took a photo on the same day, but Aimee missed the acutual downpour, she was only out during the teeny weeny snowfall that when we blinked we missed!!!! and I am the one that looked like a drowned rat!!!