Saturday, 5 January 2008

New Years Gremlins

I hate pc's. They just ain't my thing and because I am rubbish on them, they get more complicated each time. I am currently about to jump out of the window having just lost all of my Xmas photos and Georgia's school nativity.
I keep on telling Georgia that people are more important than material goods but try telling that to yourself when you have lost the last 6 months of photos. I did say to Mark that at least it has halved my scrapbooking load and reduced the number of projects that I didn't have time to do but still dreamed of the finished project in my head!!
At least I went to Tesco's the day after her birthday and backed up those photos on disk. If only I had done that this week.
I call for a return to old fashioned printing and negatives! Anyone want to sign my petition.


Helena said...

That happened to me early last year! I had thought I had lost over 6 years worth of photos, I did cry!!

Luckly Steve managed to retrive them don't know how or care, but we have them.

We very quickly bought a storage system for the photos, which gets updated once a week!!!