Thursday, 10 January 2008

Due date has been and gone!

My due date was an anti-climax all day. Well that is until about 8pm when I started to feel regular pains. I told Mark at 9pm and we started to time them. Approximately every 6-8 minutes. However I kept on producing alot of wind which can confuse things!!
So I phoned the hosp and said can I come and see if its false labour or established and whilst I was running around packing bags and making Georgias lunch etc the pains subsided!! Isn't that typical.
Got to the hosp and they said the pain is caused by baby's head banging on my cervix as he is trying to get himself into position. She did an examination which can sometimes trigger labour. So I came home and had a hot bath and took some painkillers, as by then I really was hurting. Went to bed and NOTHING!! I just slept all night.
Which wasn't a bad thing as we didn't go to bed until after mid-night so Georgia is knackered, which is a good job for tonight (if she stays awake after school.)
Many thanks to Helena and Steve who looked after her at short notice and no doubt will have to do it all over again soon. Fingers crossed!!


Helena said...

Georgia was perfect, had some hot chocolate and was just asleep when you rang to say nothing happening!

At least we all had a practice run! LOL