Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Baby due on Saturday!!

Well actually the baby was due a week and a half ago, but we have been to the hospital today and are booked in for an induction on Saturday morning. It will probably take a good few hours to work so pray for me at about 3pm whilst you're shopping or watching football! No that does not include my DH who has threatened to stay home with Georgia until I actually go into labour. Mind you who wants an anxious man hanging around for 8 hours anyway!! Not me....

I know my suitcase is rather full but do you think I could squeeze a few scrapping supplies into it?

I have discovered website recently and wow it has boosted my output overnight. It also helps when you discover a set of papers in your stash that you had completely forgotten about and they happen to be Christmas Papers!

I used the template from last week and finished the page in about an hour!


LazyKay said...

Oh, good luck for Saturday, hope baby pops out quickly and you're all settled in your beds by afternoon!


Helena said...

Can't wait for Sat, I have a few fun things for girls to do, to help take G's mind off of things!!!!

I know I will met you on Sat, but here's wishing you lots of luck and (((((((hugs)))))))