Wednesday, 16 January 2008

New Pages

Xmas 2006 and 2007, hopefully you can tell the difference by Georgias face.
I have decided to do more pages in A4 as sometimes the designs just work better this way. But I am not really very happy with the Happy Christmas page as it's a bit basic. But I have had the photos for over a year and they needed using up and this design was perfect for them. I really like the 2007 page as I have been playing with the photo for over a week and when I found these 'Flair' papers they seemed perfect.
The embellishments are a sticker a chipboard circle and an angel. I might do a similar page whilst I have got the leftover papers out.


LazyKay said...

That top one is brilliant, love the movement sequence!


Helena said...

I also love the 2006 page! The 2007 page is great too!!! But the 06 one shows G's fun nature!!

Well done, sketches are great to do when you have so many pages that you want to get down, it takes a lot of the planning out of it!!!!


Tracey said...

Love both pages, I am posting this on saturday so you could very well be delivering the baby today - thinking of you XXX