Tuesday, 22 January 2008

At last the waiting is over!!

Baby Benjamin James Philps was born at 10:30am on Friday the 18th. He arrived in to this world via a birthing pool which was quite an amazing experience.
We only stayed in hospital until 6pm and then went home. Since then he has done the usual eat sleep cry poo etc.

We requested a quiet weekend to help Georgia settle down with her brother and it seems to have worked lovely. Her first visitors were her cousins Chloe and Aimee and Aunty Helena and Uncle Steve. I think Chloe wanted to take him home there and then!!


Helena said...

Great photos, Chloe fell in love with Ben straight away! Aimee was in awe of him and behaved great as she hasn't really been around little babies!

Thanks for letting us come and see him!

I will drop the photos in on Friday afternoon if that's ok, don't worry I will ring first!


Tracey said...

Many congrats

Baby Ben is beautfiul - ENJOY !!!!


LazyKay said...

Lovely pictures - amazing how small a newborn looks in Dad's hands and I love that bottom picture - you'll need lots of space for your scrapbooks!