Friday, 9 July 2010

The road less travelled....

I thought it was very brave of Georgia to want to be different at the fancy dress party.

She knew exactly who she wanted to be and stuck to her guns no matter how much pressure her friends put on her to a different pop star.

I used broken jewellery to create a hair clip and a false earing.
(Now of course she is nagging me to actually let her get her ears pierced for real...wish I'd never started it!!)

I used one of the feathers that was glued onto her eyelid: ala Miley Cyrus

Thanks for looking.......I really do appreciate it and especially the lovely comments from those who remember Georgia as a sweet young thing!!
She is still only 7 you just wouldn't think it in these photos.

Love and false eyelashes
Ruth xxx


Sarah Lou said...

Love the hair clip and earing it really makes the photo multi dimensional. and good on her for sticking to her guns. She looks beautiful! And this layout is stunning!!! So beautiful and such a classic feel.

Jolanda said...

wow,this is so very beautiful!a real work of art!!I love it!
She is a beautiful girl,and she knows what she wants,as i understand from your story,thats very good....she will come very far!!!
Have a good day,Jolanda

Lean said...

hihiihi lovely work Ruth,love the it real???????lol

Karen said...

ooo I love how you have done this layout mostly with really adds to the mood of the photo!!! I bet she loves this and yes...its hard to believe she is only 7 XXX

pia iris said...

i loved this LO, and it is a good thing too stand by her own dicissions. my english is not good ;-P so i hope you understand what i meen. have a nice weekend. hugs pia