Sunday, 18 July 2010

Baby Banner....In loving memory of Jacob...

I made this sweet baby banner for my friends birthday.
Louise is one of those selfless, constantly giving people who lives for her family and not material worth.
She is certainly worthy of my time and effort, especially as it's her birthday today!!

This is the tag that hangs on the outside of the voil bag.

I think it must have been a gift bag for PJ's or something, probably passed onto me from Granny Brenda but it has finally been repurposed and found a new home.

The stickers are Melissa Frances
White crepe paper from Tillys for less than a £1
Footprints deep stamped into air drying paper clay.

Sadly baby Jacob is dancing with the angels....I'm hoping when his mummy hangs this in her house he can look down on her and make her smile:)
Sometimes when I work on a piece I really connect with the subject, this one was bittersweet and makes me feel very emotional.

You just can't imagine what some parents have to go through. Wasn't he a

Sorry for the rubbish photo (literally...see the recycling!!)

Love and thats why we call ourselves memory makers
Ruth xxx


Paper Paradise said...

Aw Ruth, the banner is a beautiful keepsake and I am sure will be loved by Jacobs Mum...... I just can't imagine...... xxx

Pia said...

wow Ruth what a beautiful banner, lovely details.
hugs Pia

Karen said...

Oh Ruth, what a beautiful thoughtful gift you have made. Jacob looks like an adorable baby and this will be treasured XXX

interestingly the word V is emotiati

Inger said...

This is one of the most beautiful and meaningful gifts I have ever seen!! I totally understand the bittersweet feeling you had while making it.....
I am new to your blog, but I will surely come visit more often:)

Sarah Lou said...

just heartbreakingly darling.

Daniƫlla said...

oh how lovely Ruth, just lovely...
Speachless about Jacob, though.
Such a lovely thing, you gave your friend.

Bless you,


zandra said...

Love the banner. What a great gift to be treasure for years to come.
Hugz, Z

mandysea said...

oOOH Ruth! what a beautiful gift made with such thought!
And Georgia looks absoloutely darling in that gorgeous dress and little shoes in your previous post!

Suzy said...

How absolutely beautiful Ruth and how difficult it must have been to make

Im sure your friend will appreciate such a beautifuo gift made with obvious love and care

Suzy x