Friday, 11 June 2010

Wrinkles and all...

I have made a layout just for me.

I was never blessed with lovely english rose skin, and as I age my freckles might be fading a bit but the liver spots are starting to appear, alongside the wrinkles..eeeck!!

Do you think normal people have botox? I'm quite tempted!! (they say that bookings are up during the world cup as women treat themselves for being neglected by their husbands...I wonder what treats they get the rest of the year?)

The magnifying glass is from Tillys and is made by Tattered Angels

Vintage signage is by Making Memories Vintage Findings range (I think)
The diamonte flower is from the Mother in Laws broken jewellery collection (thanks B xxx)

Love and botox?

Ruth xxx


downrightcrafty said...

oh Ruth, you just know when something has been created, just because you wanted to create it. The detail and thought in this is astounding. Just love everything about it and funnily enough a work colleague today mentioned botox for a crease on her forehead (she is only 29)I told her to grow old gracefully - she was not impressed. I cannot imagine why not :(
Hugs Kate xx

Micayla said...

This is gorgeous, as is the photo, who cares if time is catching up. As long as you are happy my dear, does it really matter. Since Emily my eye wrinkles are creeping up on me and my bags are huge,I guess that is what sleepless nights do to you.
Have a lovely weekend Ruth.

ARTful Wings said...

Hi Ruth - know exactly where you are coming from - my freckles are getting larger too!!!! I totally agree with Micayla - who cares as long as we have the 3 H's - Happy Healthy and Here! You are stunning XXX

Traceyr said...

Beautiful layout and love the magnifying glass and boken jewellery. :)

yyam said...

Gorgeous work Ruth! Fabulous the magnifying glass and the cluster of flowers!

No Botox! Age gracefully. Stay out of the sun, use moisturizer, drink lots of water and be happy!

Jolanda said...

Love this,and please don't botox,in the end everybody will look the same!Just be your special self even with rinkles....thats oke for everybody;)
Have a fantastic weekend!!

Barb said...

Beautiful, love your attention to detail!

Julie said...

this is great ruth love it

Paper Paradise said...

Yep, Grow old gracefully' is my motto! To be honest Ruth, you look gorgeous as you are, natural beauty far outweighs botox treatments ans surgey. It always looks false to me. Anyway, gorgeous lay out, great to see more scrapping for 'you'. x

Sarah Lou said...

Im feeling ya here. I forget, then I look in the mirror and am starting to get a bit shocked when I take a closer look and see the lines!!!
I am head over heals about this layout!! I adore the signage "matting" of the photo and that delish cluster of flowers. just magical!

zandra said...

Awesome layout! Love all the details. ;o)
Hugz, Z

Karen said...

Oh this is just an amazing piece of work Ruth...I am so pleased to see a layout of you honey XXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Beautiful Ruth

Go to Spain and enjoy the sun, my freckles have all joined up after 9 weeks away and I look quite nicely tanned lol

Love the layout as always

Love MIL