Monday, 14 June 2010

Vintage lunch box

Georgia needed a new lunch box so I bought this pink plastic cool one (made in NZ) with different compartments in it for fruit etc....The only problem is she finds it difficult to carry to school as it doesn't have a handle. So I figured it needed a bag and thought I might just make her some...preferably from cool material(think Cath Kidston).

Fortunately an early morning weekend trip to a car boot sale solved that one, and 20p later I had a vintage bag that fits her lunch box like a glove.....this morning on the way out the door Ben was in flower bag...MY FLOWER BAG.......MY FLOWER BAG.....waaahhhh..Full blown tears and foot stomping!! I knew just how he felt!!lol!!
Love and old curtains
Ruth xxx


Traceyr said...

wow not surprised there was foot stomping.

My flower bag ... my flower bag (does that mean I get one too? hahaha) Well you have to ask don't you. x

You are a clever mummy.


Julie said...

wow that's awesome ruth can i put my order in for one please. lol

Gez said...

Me too please. :) FAB bag my lady.xx

Micayla said...

What a pretty bag, Miss G will be rocking it I am sure. That was such a find Ruth. I know what you mean about Ben, everything is 'my' with Emily at the moment and she gets really upset if she cannot have whatever it is.