Thursday, 17 June 2010

Introducing Willow....

Meet Willow.....she is a special little bear who joined our family today, thanks to my friends at playgroup.

Willow was made by a friend of mine who is so mega talented at making these bears that she has been entered for some national bear making contest. (bet you didn't even know they did this sort of thing in England!)

She has a delightfully old fashioned shape to her nose, piercing blue eyes and lavendar ears and paws. She is made from 100% German Silk (I think)

Willow is wearing delicate clothing with matching bloomers and has great taste in jewellery!

Tracey lives locally and works in our childrens centre. She is nearly up and running on the internet but if you were interested in looking at her bears I think she sometinmes has them on E-bay. Willow is fully jointed (no that does not mean she is stuffed full of drugs!) it means that her arms and legs move and she can sit quite happily on my display shelf.

I chose the name Willow to remind me of where we lived and the lovely friends I have made in our playgroup. (should we ever get this house painted and sold)

If anyone is serious about buying one of these collectors bears then please feel free to e-mail me and I will forward your details onto Tracey.

Love and teddy bear kisses

Ruth xxx


Elly-My Everyday Things said...

This little cutie is gorgeous!!! Her dress is so sweet and delicate.
Once in my life I want to make my own bear! Maybe when I'm old and grey, but I really want to make one myself. I love this kind of bears!@

zandra said...

So precious! I used to make bears, love doing them. Hugz, Z

Jolanda said...

Hi Willow,you're very sweet!!!

Micayla said...

Willow is gorgeous, you have a talented friend there Ruth. You do move in the right circles, don't you! Hope I meet somebody creative when Emily goes to playgroup!!
Have a lovely weekend.

Traceyr said...

Absolutely gorgeous bear Ruth your friend is really talented. Love the name you have chosen for the bear.


Karen said...

Awe Ruth...Willow is have a very talented friend XXX