Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Snow and Strawberries....

For Fathers Day we made Mr IT a Snow Globe.

I have always been fascinated with these and remember being a bit jealous of my friends who had them.
I have quite a large..ahem..collection of them now (all blank and ready to alter) but just didn't have the inclination at Christmas.

I think a summery theme is just the tonic ...we need snow globes all year round to cheer us up!!

A misted crochet flower with prima gem centre..
Georgia has one side with lots of roses and hearts in it and Ben has the other side with blue pearls.
Both sides have the same photo with the kids hand written "love you Daddy in them"

PS: Did you know snow globes are very tricky to photograph as the light hits the circumference of the plastic and bounces back off...urghhh!!

This ones for you Mum, remember Grannys storage jars and Carlton Ware vase.....they look lovely on my new tiles...shame about the dusty windows caused by all the sanding!!

pps: Come on Kiwis...come on England

Love and snow globes

Ruth xxx


Karen said...

What a pretty snowglobe...didn't know you could get kits for them! oooo I do envy you those storage jars...they would look nice in my kitchen too haha XXX

Jolanda said...

aw,how nice!!Love it!

Chele said...

Wonderful idea - I love snow globes too and thanks to Hubby have quite a collection now. Must be a southern hem kind of a thing lol

Traceyr said...

AAAh what a great father's day gift and yes I agree those jars are fantastic.

Your football hopes however are not as good England and New Zeland have both been knocked out of the World Cup. Never mind :)

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