Saturday, 13 February 2010

You know how it is when you are supposed to be doing something else....

...and you do everything possible to avoid it!! I am supposed to be decorating a wedding cake and no matter how hard I try I keep on turning to the other side of my kitchen where the scrap piles live.

I have never decorated a wedding cake before, apart from my own and that was 10 years ago and all I did was stick on some bright ribbon and some fresh gerberas on top. But I figured that with a punch or two and some moulding paste (icing to you and me) I could give it a go. I don't think I am allowed to use Glossy Accents to stick the flowers down though so will have to make a batch of Royal Icing.

When Jackie showed me a cake in this beautiful book by Peggy Porchen. I decided that I really want to do this hobby badly!! Her cakes are incredible...nothing like those WI cakes of years gone by.

This is the one that she wants but the flowers are hand made and I can't do that so we are going for plain white flowers made with a punch and coated in white pearl glittery stuff. White on White and very minimal. Thank goodness she doesn't want the cake at the top of my post!!

Happy Valentines everyone.

Love and marriage

Ruth xxx


Paper Paradise said...

Is there nothing you can't do Ruth? You seem to be able to put your hand to anything and succeed. Hope we see the finished result! X

Traceyr said...

Very brave of you to do this Ruth. I wouldn't know where to start haha!

After the wedding do blog a photo of the finished cake won't you?


Chele said...

So how did it go then? Or did the scrap pile win over?

Karen said...

WOW Ruth...we just have to see a pic of the finished cake. How multi-talented are you??? Good luck XXX

ARTful Wings said...

I would love to see the finished cake too - with your talents Ruth theres no doubt its going to be beautiful. To be honest - thought you had produced the cake at the top of your blog!!! XX