Saturday, 13 February 2010

Studio Calico House-The Walls!

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post it was fun to read your ideas.

I took some photos of my collection of Red and Cream vintage tins and then changed my mind about using them as I had a better idea for them...something along the lines of cream and red hearts.

In the end I went with a watered down Andy Warhol Pop Art type look. OK so I'm not very good at altering photos and using such a basic programme doesn't help but I still ended up with four different ones......not entirely too sure about the green martian faces though!!

For me this was very much out of my box working with the colours from the kit, and as much as I had tried to make it quite nuetral on the outside and keep the insides in one colour palette it just didn't work and I had to release my inner rainbow.

I used the number Four as my theme for the title and carried it through the walls, with four numbers, four flowers, four photos and the repetition of all four colours on each wall.

All tied up with last years date on the front as thats when the photo was taken..... Hmm now I think about it, it might have been 2008..oops I think Ben is only a couple of months old and now he is 2!!

I finally used my Papermania Vintage Furnishings stamps...these were the ones that caused so much trouble whilst I was queing to pay for them. Ben had splattered a pot of glitter glue on the floor in the craft shop and the customers were complaining about the screaming kid outside. If they hadn't taken so long to serve me then this wouldn't have happened!! (It was a chain store not like my lovely LSS's they would never be so uptight!!)
They are too cool for words and such fab value for money! I am hoping to use them on my next Lets get Shabby project. Which reminds me have you finished your sweet love notes entry yet?

Love and four strong walls make a strong family

Ruth xxx


Sharon said...

This is gorgeous! I also have those stamps - don't know what I was going to use them for but I just HAD to have them! You have given me inspiration though....x

Paper Paradise said...

Oh Ruth this is just lovely, what a keepsake. The photo's are gorgeous too, a great way to showacase them. x

Micayla said...

I love it Ruth, you did a fab job and what a gorgeous little keepsake.
Have a lovely weekend.

Janice said...

I love this little house Ruth. Beautifully made.

Sarah Lou said...

Oh the funky family photos are just perfect!! I adore thsi house what a fab keepsake!!

Ps so want that cook book! looks heavenly!

Karola said...

Ruth, I love your house!! This is a precious treasure!! Every detail in that house is gorgeous, beautiful colors, idea, design! Thank you so much for using my template, I am so honoured! Big Hugs!! xx

Traceyr said...

Wonderful project there Ruth, great stamps too and s*d the chain store! :)

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