Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Just enough time for a quickie before the next round of Doctors visits...yup if it's not one thing it's another and usually with Me, Mark or Ben...Georgia is blessed to never have anything wrong with her except for last week when the Quack said she had tonsilitis and she sooooo did NOT!! Trust me that girl could talk and eat for England!!

So I now have DH home on crutches..not caused by a sporting injury but it is exactly the same as premier league players get except they don't play spinning games in the lounge with their 2 year olds and snap a tendon in their legs!!

I haven't had time to take some better photos but thought I'd better share my house before I decorate the insides of it. The pattern is Karolas and can be found on Webster Pages HERE. I used the cool Studio Calico Home Front kit from Bubbly Funk.

The house opens up into a dispay piece for the mantle so I am debating about pretty family photos or funky trendy styling of random pictures of our house..what do you think!! I'd love to hear your opinion?

Love and wacky wallpaper
Ruth xxx


Sarah Lou said...

Always such beautiful eye candy round here!! what a beautiful idea! How about funky family photos?? LOL I couldn't decide!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth, so sorry to hear about DH, will get in touch soon!!!
Love this creation, think iy will look lovely with pics of your home in so you have them to keep whenever you move.


Elly said...

Random pics of your home!!! Please!!!! Would be lovely in this very cute house.
Best wishes for your hubby!

Pia said...

Hej Ruth.
What a beautiful house

Micayla said...

I have to admit, I did giggle a bit about DH. Sorry!!! It is lovely that he plays about with Ben, that makes me smile. Steve is the same but Emily has a thing for bashing him down below.....I think she is trying to cement no further siblings!!
Love the little hose you made, I am knee deep in invites and wedding decorations.....think doilies and pretty papers!!
My dress I ordered id such a bad fit, I looked awful but am so gutted as it was perfect.....oh well back to the drawing board!!
Hope you are well and the doctors is nothing serious. We have all been ill and I am still so run down! Need a good night's sleep and a lie in I think!