Friday, 5 February 2010

Birthday wish list.....heres dreaming kid!!

Today is my birthday and I composed this wish list a few weeks ago......what I actually got was a huge imposing chest of drawers for the bedroom...sometimes in life practicality overtakes desire......I had to have somewhere to store my supersized knickers after all!!

1) Kath Kidston satchel bag...just like we had at school but only cuter!! 2) Love Links leather necklace so I can put my Pandora beads onto it and a locket so I don't ever lose my bracelet again!! 3) Websters Pages new die die for!!

I am having a lovely day at home with Ben...we are working hard on a new secret mission for a magazine and he is busy destroying my bedroom as always. I am not going to make a cake and I am not going to cook tea ..I am going to take the day slowly as I will need all my energy tonight because I stupidly said my daughter could have a friend to sleep over...duh..what was I thinking!!

Back later with my Studio Calico house but I need to take some better photos of it first....If you can't wait it can be seen here on Bubbly Scrumptious.

Love and many candles
Ruth xxx


yyam said...

Happy birthday to you Ruth!:) Have a fabulous day!

I love the new Webster's Pages too!:)

Britt-Inger said...

Happy birthday to you. Hope your day is good and it will be many packages.
Have a nice weekend, too.
Hugs, Britt-Inger

Julie said...

Happiest of birthday wishes, Ruth! Hope your day is filled with everything wonderful! Enjoy that sleepover! (You're a good mom!)

zandra said...

Have a fantastic birthday!
Hugz, Z

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday Ruth - so gland I popped by as I didn't know it was such an important day. I hope all your wishes are granted. Might have to fight you for that bag though, I could put it on my birthday list, but it's a heck of a long time till September!

downrightcrafty said...

Happy Birthday Ruth,

hope you have had a lovely day

and that as you are reading this a state of calm has come over your home, due to your exceptional organisational skills. The pre planned sleep over activities were brilliant and the children thoroughly enjoyed them and are now so tired they fell asleep anywhere but in your bedroom and your secret mission is now almost finalised while you are sat there with a glass of wine in hand admiring your beautiful work :))))

Best Wishes again
Hugs Kate xx

Kay said...

Happy birthday for yesterday Ruth! Sorry I missed it, had a mad busy week so not been around. Hope you had a lovely, relaxing day (despite DDs sleepover!) xx

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Happy Belated birthday xxxxxx
Loved your wish list items, they would beon mine too :D
Julie xx

Chele said...

I'm late (as usual!) but HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hun. Your 12 days older than me ;0)

Janice said...

Happy Birthday Ruth. I was eyeing up that Cath Kidston bag too! Hope you enjoyed your day.

mandysea said...

Happy belated birthday Ruth!!!

I'm glad you are spending the way you want!!!!

I love visiting your blog - its your writings are ALWAYS fun, amusing and or thought provoking!!

Love it gf

Sarah Lou said...

I hope your day was fabulously wonderful and full of good blessings!

Em said...

You know I could really kick myself. I meant to drop by on Friday. So I wish you a 'Happy Belated Birthday' and....I am totally with you on the Cath Kidston bag :)

Traceyr said...

Thought I had left a comment yesterday but can't of.

Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and hope you got lots of your wish list.


Jeanet said...

Happy belated birthday Ruth!
Wanted to thenk you for your sweet and fun comment on my blog..made me smile!!
And peeking here...I love your work..wowzers!

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