Wednesday, 23 December 2009

In the mood for baking?

Today was baking day in our house. I marzipan(ed) the cake and made some Rocky Road with Georgia....we were having a Nigella moment after watching her the other night!!
Georgia didn't fancy amaretto biscuits but I did as I had seen some in a cute tin the other day but sadly didn't buy them:( stop Wilkinsons!) So we made the old fashioned Aussie recipe...I'm sure it tastes nice but I really feel like being sick after all that bowl licking so I'll probaly get my tastebuds back to normal tomorrow and have another wee sample then!!

Anyway found this site through UKS it's called Bakerella...I have heard of it before but never visited today...she is to baking what Lilibean Paperie is to crafting...a godess!!

Love and over-indulgence already


Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth
So you've got your little bit of red and white dots for the kitchen after all ha ha!!! Look scrummy, happy bakimg

Love You

Ruth said...

No these aren't mine I took the picture from the Bakerella site...I have added 2 spotty-red tins from Tescos to my collection though and am kicking myself for not getting a red colander when I saw it!!

Karen said...

Perhpas Santa will bring you one Ruth???

Awe you have taken me right back talking about rocky road!!! My Aunty used to make it when I was growing up in Australia!!! YUM YUM !!! Have a wonderful Christmas my lovely XXX

Lucy Edson said...

Yum!! Bakerella is a fabulous must try the cake pops!! To die for!

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!

LazyKay said...

They look yum! Thanks for the link.

Happy Christmas.


Elly said...

Hmmm... yummie! Lovely picture, love the little tin!
Have a very merry Christmas!!!!
Hugs, Elly